199 Personal Chef Business Name Ideas

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In the last 20 years, I’ve named dozens of businesses, including our Personal Chef Business, Magic Meals Personal Chefs.

Some of my earliest businesses had terrible names, because I didn’t know what I was doing and I made some horrific mistakes.

This article is going to do two things; help you understand the characteristics of a good business name while helping you avoid some of my early blunders, and then I’ve created a list of name ideas for a Personal Chef Business that I hope will inspire you.

What Makes A Good Name For A New Personal Chef Business?

A good name for a small business has three characteristics:

  • Clear
  • Memorable
  • Short

The Name Of A Personal Chef Business Must Be Clear

When I say “Clear” I mean that the name of your new business must clearly define what your business offers.

Now before you bail on this article because you are thinking about countless businesses whose name is not clear; Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Dillons, JC Penny, Tesla, etc…let’s talk about those brands.

It is true that each of those businesses have a name that is not clear and they get away with it because they are such a well known brand.

Each became a well known brand through decades of spending millions of advertising dollars to establish their brands. If you don’t have decades and millions of dollars, you should just start with a clear business name.

One of my first businesses was a comic book store that I bought for my first wife. We named that business “The GateKeeper”. It was a terrible name. People had no idea what that little store was even when they pulled up in front of it.

Later we changed it to “GateKeeper Hobbies”. That’s better, but still not clear enough.

What about the business name “Stacey’s Fine Food”?

Terrible name, no one knows what service I offer.

Now these names can be improved with a Tag Line, and we’ll dig into those later. But for now, just focus on a making sure that your new business’ name is clear.

Your New Personal Chef Business’ Name Needs To Be Memorable

You don’t want people struggling to come up with your business’ name when they are trying to tell a friend about your service.

The name needs to be unique and flow off the tongue.

I like business names where the words that make up the name flow easily. I like Magic Meals because the words both start with “M” and it just flows.

When we started our business as a personal chef business, our business name was “Magic Meals Personal Chefs”. As we grew into a meal delivery business, our name transitioned into “Magic Meals Home Delivery”.

Both names are memorable and clear.

The Name Of Your New Personal Chef Business Must Be Short

The name of your new business needs to be short enough that you can easily fit it on marketing material.

“Magic Meals Personal Chefs” is about as long as I want a business name to get.

Often people in my community will refer to our business as just “Magic Meals” but when anyone sees marketing material (either printed or digital), they find the entire name.

Tag Lines Help Clarify A Business Name

A tag line is a short phrase that nearly always appears with a business’ name. It’s purpose is to further clarify what problem the business solves or service that it offers.

I think all small businesses need a tag line to go with their business name.

While we started out as Personal Chefs, our business grew to become a Prepared Meal Delivery Business. Below are two versions of our logo, one of which appears on all of our marketing material.

As you can see, our tag line is “meals just like magic”. It helps clarify what service we offer.

Below I’m going to give you a list of ideas for personal chef tag lines, but first, let me share a list of personal chef business name ideas.

199 Personal Chef Business Name Ideas

  1. My Personal Chef
  2. My Secret Chef
  3. Meal Secret – Personal Chefs
  4. Meal Solutions – Personal Chefs
  5. Whole Food Personal Chefs
  6. Country Cuisine – Personal Chef
  7. Culinary Classics Personal Chef
  8. Uptown Personal Chefs
  9. Five Start Personal Chef Service
  10. Touch Of Class Personal Chef
  11. Healthy Home Personal Chef
  12. Family Favorites Personal Chef
  13. Mom’s Secret Personal Chef
  14. Fastfood Personal Chef
  15. Easy-Peasy Personal Chef
  16. Frenchy’s Personal Chefs
  17. Dinner Made Easy Personal Chef
  18. Dinner Time Personal Chef
  19. Time Savers Personal Chef
  20. Dinner Dan Personal Chef
  21. Dine Fine Personal Chef Service
  22. Wine & Dine Personal Chefs
  23. Dream Date Personal Chefs
  24. Date Night Personal Chefs
  25. Family Dinner Personal Chefs
  26. Dinner Served Personal Chef
  27. Dapper Dan’s Personal Chef Service
  28. Better Meals Personal Chefs
  29. Dream Dining Personal Chefs
  30. Meal Time Terry – Personal Chef
  31. Terrific Terry – Personal Chef
  32. Basting Betty – Personal Chef
  33. Angel Meals – Personal Chef
  34. Dinner’s Done Personal Chef Service
  35. Food’s Finished – Personal Chef
  36. Pam’s Premier Personal Chef Service
  37. Perfect Patty – Personal Chef
  38. Chef Amy – Your Personal Chef
  39. Chef Ted’s Table – Personal Chef
  40. Better Butter Personal Chef Service
  41. Carnivor Club Personal Chef Service
  42. Natural Meals Personal Chefs
  43. Home Cooked Personal Chefs
  44. My Meals Personal Chef
  45. Eat Smart Personal Chef
  46. Smart Choice Personal Chef
  47. Dine Wise Personal Chefs
  48. Done Right Personal Chefs
  49. Home Menu Personal Chefs
  50. My Menu Personal Chefs
  51. Food Love Personal Chef
  52. Foodie Fred – Personal Chef
  53. Your Food Friend – Personal Chef
  54. Friendly Food Personal Chef
  55. Wise Women Personal Chefs
  56. Mom’s Cook – Personal Chef
  57. Magic Mike – Personal Chef
  58. Mom’s Secret Helper – Personal Chefs
  59. Low Carb Creations – Personal Chef
  60. Keto Karma – Personal Chef
  61. Dieting Dinners – Personal Chef
  62. Diet Dinners Personal Chef
  63. Skinny Chef – Your Personal Chef
  64. Skinny Dinners – Personal Chef
  65. Lean Meals Personal Chef Service
  66. Guiltless Dinner Personal Chefs
  67. Guilty Pleasures Personal Chefs
  68. Family Fed Personal Chef
  69. The Foodie’s Friend – Personal Chef
  70. Delectable Dinners – Personal Chefs
  71. Gourmet Home – Personal Chef Service
  72. Upscale Home Dining – Personal Chef
  73. 5 Star Dinner – Personal Chef
  74. Home Prepared Gourmet – Personal Chef
  75. My Personal Chef Friend
  76. My Friend The Cook – Personal Chef
  77. Friendly Meals – Personal Chef Service
  78. Celebration Personal Chef Service
  79. Super Supper Service – Personal Chef
  80. Cafe Home – Personal Chef Service
  81. Restaurant Home – Personal Chef Service
  82. Home Cooking Personal Chefs
  83. Kitchen Care Personal Chefs
  84. Marvelous Menus Personal Chef Service
  85. Ms Mable Personal Chef
  86. Grandma’s Home – Personal Chef
  87. Our Cook – Personal Chef Service
  88. Cooking Katy – Personal Chef
  89. Top Shelf Meals – Personal Chef Service
  90. Chef’s Table At Home – Personal Chef
  91. Le Chef – Personal Chef
  92. Le Personal Chef
  93. Brooklyn’s Finest – Personal Chef
  94. Lean & Clean Personal Chefs
  95. Food Sense Personal Chef
  96. Three Square Meals Personal Chef
  97. Diet Coach Personal Chef
  98. Silver Fork Personal Chef
  99. Crystal Service Personal Chefs
  100. Fine China Personal Chefs
  101. Mom’s Cooking Personal Chef
  102. Elite Personal Chefs
  103. Three Meals Personal Chefs
  104. Dinner Delight Personal Chefs
  105. Finest Dinner Personal Chef
  106. Dinner’s Done Personal Chef Service
  107. In A Snap Personal Chefs
  108. Family Time Personal Chefs
  109. Dinner Served Personal Chef Service
  110. Cook-No-More Personal Chefs
  111. Hours Saved Personal Chefs
  112. Our Personal Chef Service
  113. The Kings Table Personal Chef
  114. The Queens Table Personal Chef
  115. Kings Court Personal Chef
  116. Wellness Meals – Personal Chef
  117. Fresh & Fit Personal Chefs
  118. Fuss-Free Food – Personal Chefs
  119. At Home Feasts – Personal Chef
  120. Home Safe Personal Chefs
  121. Vital Vegan Personal Chefs
  122. Low Carb Barb – Personal Chef
  123. Keto Beto – Personal Chef Service
  124. Low Fat Matt – Personal Chef
  125. Clean Eats Personal Chefs
  126. Muscle Meals – Personal Chef
  127. Fat-To-Abs Personal Chef Service
  128. Fatty-No-More Personal Chefs
  129. Skinny You Personal Chefs
  130. Better You Personal Chefs
  131. Upgrading You – Personal Chef Service
  132. Slimer Dinner – Personal Chefs
  133. Leaner Dinner – Personal Chefs
  134. Eat Starter – Personal Chefs
  135. Your Healthy Personal Chef
  136. A Healthier You – Personal Chef
  137. Natural Nancy Personal Chef
  138. Pinch of Health Personal Chef
  139. Kiss The Cook Personal Chef
  140. Full Flavor Personal Chefs
  141. Revolution Meals – Personal Chef
  142. Dinner Coach – Personal Chef
  143. Rehab Meals – Personal Chef Service
  144. Eat Well Personal Chef Service
  145. Food Doc – Personal Chefs
  146. Nutrition & Flavor Personal Chefs
  147. Real Food Solutions – Personal Chef
  148. Meal Solutions – Personal Chef Service
  149. Life Upgrade – Personal Chef Service
  150. Better Life Personal Chefs
  151. Happier Life Personal Chefs
  152. Happy & Healthy Personal Chefs
  153. Happy Life Personal Chef Service
  154. Soulful Kitchen – Personal Chef
  155. Exotic Meals At Home – Personal Chef
  156. Family Style Personal Chefs
  157. Life Made Better Personal Chefs
  158. Dream Team Personal Chefs
  159. Team Tom – Personal Chef
  160. Your Food Team – Personal Chefs
  161. Got Your Back – Personal Chefs
  162. Supper Savers – Personal Chefs
  163. Dinner Saviors – Personal Chefs
  164. Home Heroes – Personal Chef Service
  165. Home Feasts Personal Chefs
  166. Eat At Home Personal Chefs
  167. Home Table Personal Chefs
  168. Family Table Personal Chefs
  169. Kitchen Table Meals – Personal Chefs
  170. Cooking For You – Personal Chefs
  171. Done Cooking – Personal Chefs
  172. Your Table Personal Chefs
  173. Kitchen Commando – Personal Chef
  174. Taste Of Home Personal Chef
  175. Taste Of Mom Personal Chef
  176. In-Home Dining – Personal Chefs
  177. Touch Of Taste Personal Chefs
  178. Touch Of Class Personal Chefs
  179. Down Home Personal Chefs
  180. Homestyle Personal Chefs
  181. Comfort Food Personal Chefs
  182. Home-Cooked Creations Personal Chefs
  183. Dream Team Personal Chefs
  184. Family Friend Personal Chef Service
  185. Cooking Friend Personal Chef
  186. A Helping Hand Personal Chef
  187. Backdoor Personal Chef
  188. Table Time Personal Chef
  189. Kitchen Friend Personal Chef
  190. Dinner’s Ready Personal Chef
  191. Dangerous Dan’s Personal Chef Service
  192. BFF Meals – Personal Chef Service
  193. The Cooking Lady Personal Chef
  194. Ms. Chef Personal Chef
  195. Mr. Cook Personal Chef
  196. Spotless Kitchen Personal Chef
  197. Heirloom Meals Personal Chef Service
  198. Fast & Easy Personal Chef Service
  199. Home Cooking Personal Chefs

23 Personal Chef Business Tag Lines

  1. Affordable & Easy Meal Solutions
  2. Dinner Made Easy
  3. Eat Better Affordably
  4. Your Secret Meal Prepper
  5. Your Supper Solution
  6. Eat Better Easily
  7. Saving You Time & Money
  8. Dream Dinners Done Right
  9. Family Dinners Made Easy
  10. Healthy Home Cooked Meals
  11. Home Cooking Without Cooking
  12. No Shopping, No Cooking, No Cleanup
  13. Better Food & More Time
  14. Weeks Of Food In One Cook Day
  15. One Cook Day / A Week’s Meals
  16. We Take Care Of Dinner
  17. Dinner’s Done In No Time
  18. Easy Dinner / More Family Time
  19. Personalized Prepared Meals
  20. Local Ingredients & Personalized Service
  21. Fabulous Food Made Super Easy
  22. Dinner’s Served In Brooklyn, NY
  23. Meals Just Like Magic 😁 

I hope these lists got your creative juices flowing.

From here I recommend that you start with a list of names that you liked and then brainstorm to add more.

Armed with that list, start crossing off your least favorites

Once you’re down to a handful of good names, go to GoDaddy and see if you can find a good domain name for each potential name. Cross off any names that you can’t find a good domain name for (it doesn’t have to be exact).

Finally, try to come up with your 30-second elevator pitch using each name. I bet that exercise will help you find the right name.

Good Luck!



With over 15 years of experience starting, running, and growing home-based food businesses, Stacey is the #1 home-based food business coach in America. Stacey is the author of the Advantage Meals: By The Numbers Book.

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