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My wife and I worked as Personal Chefs, cooking in our clients homes, for about two years before building the commercial kitchen in our home. One of the biggest challenges of running a Personal Chef Business is packing everything you’ll need during your cook day, but not packing too much.

Here is the equipment checklist that we used every cook day. We’re going to start with three essential tools for packing and then go on to your actually cook day equipment.

You can get a Free Printable PDF of this checklist at the end of this article.


Personal Chef Equipment Checklist

#1 – A Wheeled Cart Or Dolly

Getting your boxes of equipment to and from your house and the car, and then from the car to your client’s kitchen can be made easier and faster with to good cart or dolly.

Nothing is worse that being tired to start your cook day or lugging your boxes of equipment to the car after a good days work.

Invest in a nice cart or dolly. Better yet, get one that can be either a cart or dolly. { Click to see one on Amazon >>> }

P.S. Be sure to get one with good wheels that won’t damage your client’s floors.

#2 – Good Stackable Equipment Totes

You are going to be hauling a decent amount of equipment. Good totes make this much easier.

Look for ones that have solid lids that lock on and won’t bend, solid handles that you can trust, and that stack together really well. Look for something like these totes on Amazon. { Click to see totes on Amazon >>> }

#3 – A Knife Bag

When we began our home-based Personal Chef Business we just wrapped our knives in towels in our storage totes. We did it that way until I cut myself at the beginning of a cook day while unloading equipment.

Then we got an inexpensive knife bag like this one on Amazon. { Click here to see an inexpensive knife bag on Amazon >>> } If it saves you from being cut even once, it’s money well spent.

#4 – Chef Knives

#5 – Parry Knives

#6 – Cooking Utensils

#7 – Pots & Pans

#8 – Can Opener

#9 – Food Processor

#10 – Dishtowels

#11 – Paper Towels

#12 – Dish Soap & Wash Cloths

#13 – Pot Holders & Hot Pads

#14 – Meat Thermometer

#15 – Collapsible Colander

#16 – Ingredient Staples – Salt, Pepper, Cornstarch, Oil

#17 – Flexible Cutting Boards

#18 – Dish Drying Rack

#19 – Spray Bottle of Sanitizer

#20 – Serving Spoons, Ladle, and Tongs

#21 – Serving Gloves

#22 – First Aid Kit

Free Printable Personal Chef Equipment Checklist

I’d be happy to send you a free printable PDF of this checklist for your use. It’s not fancy, but it will save you trips back home or to the store.

Free Personal Chef Equipment List PDF

In addition to the PDF, I’ll send you a link to the Google Sheet where I created the list. Then you’ll able to duplicate the list into your own google drive and edit it for your specific preferences.

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