Meal Prep Business Names: 181 Food Prep Business Name Ideas

I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

I’ve named dozens of businesses in my lifetime.

Don’t believe me? I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since I was 21 years old. For the last fifteen years, I’ve been supporting my family with food businesses, because that’s my joy.

I’ve had seven different home-based food businesses, and each had a name and a brand. Most were great names and brands and a few were regrettable mistakes. One I even renamed after a few years of moderate ‘success’. The wrong name can absolutely hold a business back from success.

Over the decades I’ve come up with some great names and brands…and I’ve made some stupid mistakes naming businesses.

I want to help you avoid making a mistake in naming your new food business.

So let’s dig in.

First, let’s talk about the principles you should follow when naming your business. Then let’s try to get a feel for the mistakes to avoid. Finally, I’ll give you a list of Meal Prep Business Name Ideas.

Sound good? Then onward!

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What Are The Characteristics of A Good Meal Prep Business Name?

The name for your new Prepared Meal Business needs to have three main characteristics:

  1. Clear
  2. Memorable
  3. Short

1) A Food Prep Business Names Must Be Clear

In the modern world that we live in, when people are looking for a service that they’ve never used before, they are just going to speak to their phone.

And what they are going to ask their phone for is going to be very clear. For example, they might say:

  • “Food Photographer Near Me”
  • “Personal Grocery Shopper In Wichita Kansas”
  • “Freelance Recipe Developer For Hire”

The name of your business must be clear enough that Google knows what your business offers. If it confuses Google, you won’t even be in the search results.

If it confuses your potential client, they will not click on your listing. Instead, they’ll click on the search result under yours that is clear about the service they offer and how it might make their life better.

Be clear. Be Very Clear.

2) The Name Of Your New Meal Delivery Business Must Be Memorable

Even if you are the only show in town when you launch your new Meal Prep Business, you won’t be for long.

Success will attract competition and that’s a great thing for your business.

What might not be a great thing for your business is a name that people don’t remember.

Be memorable.

3) A Good Meal Prep Business Name Is Short Enough To Be Used In Marketing

Sometimes, in an effort to be clear, the business names get crazy long.

Keep in mind that your name needs to be short enough to be used on all of your marketing materials. That includes:

  • Your Logo
  • Your Business Card
  • Your Letter Head
  • On Videos
  • And much more…

Keep it short.

Mistakes To Avoid In Naming Your Meal Prep Business

This section seems to be a little redundant because in many ways it’s going to be just the opposite side of the characteristics of a good name. But this is so important that I think it’s worth your time.

Here are the mistakes that will ruin your business (or at least handicap it):

  1. Being Too Cute
  2. Being Too Generic
  3. Being Too Wordy

1) A Too Cute Name Is A Confusing Name For A Prepared Meal Delivery Business

“Supper Thyme, Adding Flavor To Your Life.” What is that and what do they do?

“Dinner Bell, Bringing Families Together.” What?

“Family Savers, Saving Families At Dinner Time.” Huh?

Don’t be too cute. Your name needs to tell people what you do and how it can help.

And don’t get cute with the spelling of words. If people have heard your business name but still can’t find you, you have lost business.

2) The Name of Your New Meal Prep Business Can’t Be Generic

“Best Meal Prep Service Serving In Apple Valley California.” That will describe every Meal Prep Business that forms to compete with you.

Don’t be generic, instead be clear.

3) When Naming Your New Meal Prep Business Don’t Get Too Wordy

“Davis Home Delivered Meals, Organic Goodness For From Our Family To Yours.” Wow, that’s a clear name, but how does it fit on a business card?

Be concise and being clear gets much easier.

A Meal Prep Company Name With A Tag Line

When naming your business, the name needs to be short enough to be used everywhere, but it has to be super clear. That’s why you should use a tag line, too.

Your tag line will make it super clear what your business is.

You can include the tag line in your logo, or it can be placed somewhere else on your marketing material.

Most importantly, it’s going to nearly always be used with the name when talking about your business online. Most people are going to find your new Meal Prep Business by doing a search online, and that tag is going to really increase the odds that they find your business.

In the list of Meal Prep Business Ideas below, I’m going to give you some ideas for tag lines, but they are all pretty similar.

Once you pick a name, then you’ll add a tag line to flesh out the clarity of your name.

List of Meal Prep Business Name Ideas

These are just ideas, and some of them I know are already in use, so please just use these as inspiration.

Before you use any of these ideas, Google them. If there is an existing business using that name, don’t use it!

  1. Fort Collins Prepared Meals – Home Cooked Meals Delivered
  2. Meal Solutions, Fort Collins – Best Meal Delivery Service
  3. Meal Time, Fort Collins – Prepared Meal Delivery Solution
  4. Eat Right Meals – Prepared Meals Delivered
  5. Good Food Delivered – Prepared Meals Delivered
  6. Meals Done Right – Prepared Meals To Your Home
  7. Dream Meals – Prepared Meals For Your Family
  8. Better Meals – Better Meals Delivered To Your Home
  9. Real Deal Meals – Whole Food Meals Delivered
  10. Better Meals Better Life – Easy Home Cooked Meals Delivered.
  11. Easy Meals Delivered – Prepared Meals Delivered in Junction City
  12. Dinner Solutions – Home Cooked Meals Delivered
  13. Better Than Fast Food – Home Cooked Meals Delivered
  14. Eating Better – Whole Food Meals Delivered
  15. Whole Meals – Whole Food Meals Delivered
  16. Better Meals Better Life – Prepared Meals Delivered
  17. Martha’s Meals – Better Meals Delivered
  18. Fred’s Family Meals – Real Food Delivered
  19. Wild Wilma’s Meal Solutions – Meals Delivered in Freeport Utah
  20. Good Food Delivered – Serving CrazyTown New Mexico
  21. Muscle Meals Home Delivery – Delivering In Pablo NM
  22. Wellness Meal Delivery – Meal Delivery In Greater Kansas City
  23. Fit Meals – Healthy Meals Delivered
  24. Skinny Meals – Prepared Weightloss Meals Delivered
  25. Dinner Diva – Gourmet Meals Delivered
  26. Lunch Ladies – Lunch & Dinner Meals Delivered
  27. Family Supper – Family Meals Delivered
  28. Dinner Dreams –
  29. Family Meal Night –
  30. Marry Meals –
  31. Many Meals –
  32. Project Dinner –
  33. Project Meals –
  34. Project Fit Meals –
  35. Project Weightloss Meals –
  36. Meal Club –
  37. Bronx Meal Club –
  38. Meal Fix –
  39. Meal Fixer –
  40. The Dinner Doer –
  41. My Secret Chef –
  42. My Cooking Friend –
  43. Friendly Meals –
  44. Why Not Eat Better –
  45. New Life Dinners –
  46. New Life Meals –
  47. Better Days Meals –
  48. Better Diet Meals –
  49. Conjured Meals –
  50. Family Time Meals –
  51. Pro Meals –
  52. Wizardry Meals –
  53. God’s Feast –
  54. Family Feast –
  55. Family Favorites Meals –
  56. Dinner Bell Meals –
  57. Marvelous Mary’s Meals –
  58. Mini Mike’s Meals –
  59. Kingly Meals –
  60. Noble Meals –
  61. Queen’s Table Meals –
  62. Patty’s Painless Meals –
  63. Easy Meals –
  64. Fit To Serve Meals –
  65. Southern Nana’s Meals –
  66. Sara’s Soulfood Meals –
  67. Meals Done Right –
  68. Meal Delivery Dogs –
  69. Effortless Meals –
  70. Home Table Meals –
  71. Eat At Home Meals –
  72. Dream Dinner Meals –
  73. Stacey’s Scrumptious Servings –
  74. Sassy Meals Done Right –
  75. Dinner Dynasty –
  76. Meal Time Heros –
  77. Uptown Meals At Home –
  78. Homebound Meals –
  79. Homeward Meals –
  80. On Time Dinner –
  81. Dinner Time –
  82. Simply Yummy –
  83. Dinner Made Simple –
  84. Meals Made Easy –
  85. Meal Pros –
  86. Dinner Pros –
  87. Easy Dinner Solutions –
  88. Home Diner Meals –
  89. Healthy Eating Express –
  90. Express Meals –
  91. Easy Meal Express –
  92. Eat Don’t Cook –
  93. Snap Kitchen –
  94. Snap Food Delivery –
  95. Snappy Meals –
  96. Time Saving Meals –
  97. Meal Warriors –
  98. Meal Heros –
  99. Dinner Time Winner –
  100. Dinner Champs –
  101. Slender Meals –
  102. Slender Chef –
  103. Slender Eats –
  104. Eating Well At Home –
  105. Eating Better Meals –
  106. Dream Meals –
  107. Healthy At Home Meals –
  108. Healthy Eating At Home –
  109. Eat Well Spend Less –
  110. Ready Meals –
  111. Ready Freddy Meals –
  112. Buy Eat Thrive –
  113. Thrive Meals –
  114. Thrive Prepared Meals –
  115. Dinner Wizard –
  116. Dinner Genie –
  117. Dinner Swift –
  118. Meals To Come –
  119. Lean Machine Meals –
  120. Fitness Machine Meals –
  121. Better Food Better Life –
  122. Satisfying Suppers At Home –
  123. At Home Dining –
  124. Cafe At Home –
  125. Homebound Cafe –
  126. Meal Ease –
  127. Harvest Meals –
  128. Meal Time Angels –
  129. Aging In-Home Meals –
  130. Daily Meals –
  131. Freezer Harvest Meals –
  132. Meal Stock Up –
  133. Meal Deal Delivery –
  134. All Made Meals –
  135. All Done Meals –
  136. Busy Cooks Meals –
  137. Good Meals Easy –
  138. Flavor Meals –
  139. Meal Blessed –
  140. A Blessed Meal –
  141. Meal Bliss –
  142. Feed Me Meals –
  143. Meals That Satisfy at Home –
  144. Meal Wishes –
  145. Dinner Wish Granted –
  146. Pleasant Dinners Delivered –
  147. Ready-Made Meals –
  148. Prepared Meals At Home –
  149. Master Made Meals –
  150. Meal Masters –
  151. Mastermind Meals –
  152. Elite Meal Delivery –
  153. Elite Meal Solutions –
  154. Tina’s Tasty Meals –
  155. Tasty Meal Solutions –
  156. Tasty Time Meals –
  157. Well Wishes Meals –
  158. Edge Meals –
  159. Warrior’s Edge Meals –
  160. Mom’s Edge Meals –
  161. Mom’s Secret Meals –
  162. Mom’s Meal Secret –
  163. Mom’s Dinner Secret –
  164. Mom’s Dinner Pal –
  165. Mom’s Food Weapon –
  166. Mother’s Dinner Service –
  167. Mom’s Sassy Suprise Meals –
  168. Savior Meals –
  169. Dinner Saved Meal Service –
  170. Better Lunch Meals –
  171. No More Burgers! –
  172. The Great Meal Gig –
  173. Greater Meals –
  174. On Target Meal Delivery –
  175. Targeted Meal Delivery –
  176. Urban Dream Meals –
  177. Max Meals –
  178. Maximize Life Meals –
  179. Eating Bliss Meals –
  180. Nurturing Meals Delivered –
  181. Nurturing Meal Service –

Check To Make Sure That Your New Food Business Name Isn’t Already In Use!

Before you decide on a name for your new Meal Prep Business, please take a few minutes to see if it’s already in use.

Honestly, it’s hard to find names that some variation isn’t already in use, but that should be your goal.

The truth is that if you choose a name that might infringe on someone else’s trademark by confusing the public about which company they are doing business with, it’s going to cost you time, energy, and maybe money.

You can search registered trademarks on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, though if someone has been doing business under that name for years, they don’t necessarily need a registered trademark to force you to stop using the name.

Should You Trademark Your The Name of Your Meal Prep Business

I’m not a lawyer, but I have paid a lot of them to keep me out of trouble over the decades of being self-employed. But you need to know that I’m not a lawyer and I’m not offering legal advice.

However, I am offering my personal experience learned from mistakes, failures, and successes. Do with it as you will.

In my non-professional opinion, paying for a trademark when you first start a business is a waste of your limited resources.

The truth is that even if you have a rock sold trademark, if a bigger fish with more money to pay better lawyers comes after you, they are going to win by just spending you into bankruptcy through the legal process.

Likewise, if a new company starts up using your name, then you should politely tell them that you have a use trademark (a term meaning you’ve trademarked the name just by using it) for that business name, and if they don’t cease and desist using that name, you’ll turn the matter over to your lawyer to force them to do so and turn over all income made while using your business name.

As a small company, they’ll likely just cease and desist. I know I would.

So, I would not recommend that you spend the money to trademark a business name when you are starting a new Meal Prep Business…despite what the people who are making a living trademarking names tell you.

If the trademark people pressure you to spend the money for the trademark, just ask them if they’ll give you a contractual guarantee that if you ever have to fight to preserve your trademark that they will cover the legal fees. They will say NO.

Then ask if they will just cover the legal fees if you lose…when they say NO again, you should really be questioning the value of that expensive trademark.

If you want to learn more about trademarks, start at The United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Make Sure You Can Get The Domain Name!

Before you fall in love with a name, be sure you can get it as a domain name.

If not, you could use something very close, but you are going to confuse people.

And don’t use hyphens in a domain name, that confuses too.

And stick to .COM. That’s where everyone starts their search.

Conclusion About Picking A Name For Your New Meal Prep Business

Take your time in picking your name. Lots of things about your new food business can and will change in the years to come, but changing your name sucks.

Your business name will earn value year after year as your brand becomes better known in your community. The value of your brand (business name) is sweat equity in its purist form.

What might seem like a trivial choice now will be a dagger in the back if you have to walk away from that sweat equity sometime in the future when you decide that you must change your business name.


P.S. If you want to learn more about how I can help you start or grow your home-based food delivery business, be sure to check out the Business Plan Template, Marketing Plan Template, and Consultations that I offer to people who are considering starting a Prepared Meal Delivery Business.

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