Meet Stacey

Stacey Davis

Stacey Davis is a food business entrepreneur with over 15 years of success. His accomplishments include:

  • Food Business Author
    • Introduction – Advantage Meals Success Plan
    • By The Numbers – Advantage Meals Success Plan
  • Nutrition & Diet Website Publisher
  • Local Home-Based Food Business Owner-Operator
    • Magic Meals Home Delivery
  • Life Success
    • Working From Home
    • Enjoying Work With His Wife
    • Raising His Own Babies
    • Doing What He Loves
    • Living Comfortably
Image of Stacey Davis - Food Business Coach

Food Business Author

In 2011 my wife and I started to think about teaching others how to run a home-based prepared meal delivery business like our own. At the time, we had dreams of offering franchises (or something similar), so I sat down and wrote two books. The first is an introduction to our business model and the second shared a lot of our financial numbers at the time.

We sold those books across America and internationally. We helped people start businesses like ours in three different countries. But we never offered franchises because as we learned more about that business model, it didn’t fit us.

Then our meal prep business really took off, and we quit promoting these books to focus on our local business. Still, we left the books on Amazon, and people continue to buy them and find value within their pages.

The information in these books is out of date and I do not encourage you to purchase them. I’m going to update my books in the coming year, and I’d be honored if you purchased the new book when it’s available.

You can see the original books on Amazon

Nutrition & Diet Website Publisher

In 2018 my wife, Angela Davis, began actively coaching the Keto Diet as a natural extension of our local food business and our personal lifestyle.

To expand Angela’s reach, we relaunched the site as a Ketogenic Diet Site.

Since then, 1.9 million people have read our keto diet articles and thousands of people have changed their lives with Angela’s “No-Cook Keto Meal Plan”.

Local Home-Based Food Business Owner

In 2005, my then-fiance and I started Magic Meals Personal Chefs out of a tiny apartment and driving a used Nissan to our clients’ homes.

2007 Publicity Shot

Within 18 months, our small personal chef business empowered us to purchase our dream homestead in the country with a commercial kitchen in the walkout basement.

With that move, our home-based food business became Magic Meals Home Delivery, and over the last 15 years, it has continued to grow and thrived.

It’s what my wife and I both do full time on our own schedule. And it makes our community healthier and stronger.

Life is good.

My Life

I grew up on a tiny farm outside of a very small town in Southwest Kansas. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Engineering at Kansas State University, I worked for five years in the corporate world, primarily doing plant maintenance, project design, and large scale construction.

Then I began my life among the self-employed. Over the years, I did engineering consulting, alternative power design and installation, founded and operated a chain of retail stores, and ran a digital marketing firm. Each was an exciting and successful experience that added to my skills and lead to my next entrepreneurial adventure.

Today I live in the country outside of Topeka Kansas with my wife, Angela. We have two kids, Evander and Marley. We also share our life with our dog named Duke, a cat named Sox, free-range chickens, rabbits, and honey bees.

With our home-based food businesses, we work, live, and love from the comfort of our home in the country.

>>> My Home-Based Food Career

I met my wife Angela in 2002, and we soon started talking about marriage and babies. That’s when I decided to change my life and create a way to make a living while working from the comfort of our own home and raising our own babies.

In 2005 we began our home-based food business life as Personal Chefs. Within 18 months, we used that successful business to purchase our home in the country with a state-licensed kitchen in the walk-out basement. From that kitchen, we’ve run our meal delivery business for the last 15 years.

We entirely support our family with our home-based food businesses. Both my wife and I work full time in our food businesses, and those businesses supply all of our income to support our family.

>>> Our Current Home-Based Food Businesses

It is our nature to enjoy learning new skills and starting new businesses. Over the years we’ve made money in countless food-related business endeavors.

Since we’ve been married, we’ve made money from our home as Nutrition & Health Coaches, Wellness Speakers, Recipe Developers, Stock Food Photographers, Market Gardeners, and more.

Today, our family is 100% supported by three main food businesses.

Now, we want to help you make a living from home as a foodie. We know you can do it because we’ve already done it.

You deserve the life you dream of, and with an experienced guide and a lot of hard work, achieving your dreams is within your reach.

~ Stacey

P.S. Check out my bookshelf to see what books have influenced my businesses and my life.