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We’ve created a number of resources to make starting a new home-based business easier. More importantly, I know from personal experience that these tools will save you valuable time and help you avoid costly mistakes as a first-time business owner.

Many of these resources are free, while others do cost a few bucks. In all cases, I expect that the hours you save and the mistakes you might avoid will make using these resources a no-brainer if they help you through your current stage of achieving your self-employment dreams.


P.S. If any of these resources have articles associated with them, I’ll link them in the descriptions. Many of the resources here are free, while others are offered to you at a modest cost.

List Of Home-Based Business Resources With LinksPrice
The Food Business Pros Emails – We maintain a free email list where I share tips, tricks, and truths about starting and growing your own home-based food business.FREE
Business Ready Self-Audit – Self-audit so you can find out what you should work on before you start a business.$20
Lean Business Plan Template – A custom Lean Business Plan (LBP) Template made in Google Sheets that is perfect for startup home-based businesses. FREE
LBP Prepared Meal Delivery Service Draft – Save time and mistakes by creating the Lean Business plan for your Prepared Meal Delivery Business starting with my draft.$10
Business Expense Tracking Form – A beginner’s business expense tracking form made in Google Sheets that will get you started when you start your business.FREE
Personal Chef Equipment List – Our packing list from our years working as Personal Chefs. Saving you time and extra trips on your cook days.FREE
Business Consultation With Stacey – My time is limited for consultations these days, but I still do a few. Please inquire.$50 to $200
Tip Jar For Stacey – Just in case you want to leave me a tip here if my hard work has helped you.$1 to $10k

Business Ready Self Audit – $20

Designed for the business beginner, this self-audit helps you identify which skills and knowledge you should improve before starting a business. Includes links to resources to help you reskill yourself.

Lean Business Plan Template – FREE

The Lean Business Plan is a one-page business plan that is perfect for most startup home-based businesses. You don’t need a 30-page business plan unless you’re getting ready to invest a lot of money in this business startup.

I have been working on making drafts of business-specific lean business plans and as I get them done I’ll offer them for sale here to help you get a better plan while saving hours.

Prepared Meal Delivery Busines – Lean Business Plan – $10

This is just like the one-page business plan template I’m offering you for free above, but this one has all of the boxes filled in for a Prepared Meal Delivery Service as I’ve run for over 17 years.

When making your Lean Business Plan, this will save you hours and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Expense Tracking Form – FREE

A simple Google Sheet (spreadsheet) that is free to use for new business owners to track their businesses expenses.

Here is my article about Home-Based Business Expense Tracking.

Personal Chef Equipment List – FREE

This list is specifically for people starting A Personal Chef Business, and it provides you with the list of essential equipment that we took to each of our cook days when we worked as Personal Chefs.

Here is a link to my article about what equipment a personal chef needs to pack.

Video Consultation – $50 to $200

I want to be very transparent. I’m so busy nowadays that I do not offer live consultations and very few pre-recorded video consultations. However, sometimes a story and a question pique my curiosity at the same time that I have a few minutes to record a video. When that happens, I’ll answer your questions via a recorded video.

If you are interested in telling me your story and asking your questions, fill out the pre-consultation form and I’ll read it when I get a few moments.

Regardless, you’ll hear from me personally via email and if I have time to answer your questions in detail we’ll agree to a price via those emails. Deal?

Leave A Tip For Stacey – $ to $$$$$

Want to say “Thanks for the valuable information”?

Like at any good food establishment, you’re certainly free to toss a few bucks in the tip jar. Those little demonstrations of appreciation mean the world and will buy me a cup of coffee or a beer one of these days. ~Stacey

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