Personal Chef Gift Ideas – The Best Chef Gifts

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Buying gifts for a personal chef can be difficult, so let me help you out with some of the ‘dream’ chef items that most aspiring or new personal chefs would never buy for themselves.

The Best Personal Chef Gift Ideas

These are the “wow” personal chef gift ideas that bring joy to the lucky recipient.

The first is knives, and you shouldn’t give these unless you know that these knives are way better than the ones they own (they probably are).

The next two are great gift ideas for all but the chef who has everything.

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Gift Great Knives To Your Personal Chef

Don’t gift knives unless you know what your chef loved one is currently using for knives.

I’m going to give you two options here; a set of knives and a single amazing chef knife.

A Set Of High-Quality Chef Knives

If your aim is to gift something that will blow your loved one away with its quality, you’re looking for German or Japanese Steel Knives.

This is a full set of German Steel Knives that will be the pride and joy of any new personal chef.

These amazing chef tools will hold a razor-sharp edge for days of work and sharpen quickly. And they are beautiful and serve as a statement of status for any new chef.

A Single Great Chef Knife

Sometimes just having one WOW piece changes everything.

There are more expensive chef knives than this Santoku Chef Knife, but this one is one of the highest quality and most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The Damascus Steel on this blade is stunning, and the modern stainless steel will hold an edge, unlike any blade you’ll buy at Walmart.

Honestly, I’ve never owned or even used one of these chef knives, but if I ever received one as a gift it would be my pride and joy.

A Fabulous Way To Carry Your Chef Knives

A personal chef needs to transport their cooking equipment, including their chef knives. Transporting really sharp knives is difficult because it’s dangerous!

Give the gift of safety with a high-quality chef knife leather storage case. Not only will it make your loved-one safer, but this knife case will also be a piece of pride for your new chef…it’s like a chef’s briefcase, just cooler.

A Professional Knife Sharpener

My last chef gift idea is to give the gift of a sharp knife wrapped in effective efficiency. Every chef has a wet stone and honing steel { Links To Both On Amazon } and they take pride in showing laymen how to sharpen a knife using these heirloom tools.

However, for a working personal chef, chef knives are tools and need to be sharpened effectively and efficiently. Real chefs might deny this, but when no one is watching they use a professional electric knife sharpener to get the edge they need quickly and dependably.

I own the Chef’sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpening System, and every personal chef should own it too.

So there you go, my three (or four) best personal chef gift ideas. The goal of this list isn’t to give you an endless list of gift ideas, but instead to give you the best gift ideas for a new chef.

I hope you found the idea you’ve been looking for, and if you didn’t find it please let me know in the comments below what you decided to gift to your new chef.



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