Ezoic 2021 – My first-hand experience as a customer.

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I’ve tried to be very transparent about my businesses, and Tara on my email list asked me how I made money on my websites, so I decided to share that information with everyone. I make money on my websites with ad revenue and with products. In this article, I’m going to talk about ad revenue and Ezoic, which is the service I use to serve ads on all of my websites.

I joined Ezoic on May 1, 2020, when I added two of my websites to their network in hopes of improving my advertising revenue. On November 26, 2020, I added a third site to Ezoic and that little website is the one you are visiting today, FoodBusinessPros.com.

Moving from Google AdSense to Ezoic to serve the ads on my websites did improve my revenue, but it had three other unforeseen impacts; Time Savings, Website Performance, Website Insights, and Expert Support.

Let’s walk through each of these impacts.

Ezoic Ad Revenue Growth Site #2

Ezoic Improved Ad Revenue

Ezoic is a blessing for new bloggers because they don’t have high requirements for website traffic to get signed up and start making ad revenue. Just as importantly, you can signup for free and with no monthly subscription cost. That’s what I did.

I had been using Google AdSense and I was making a little money from the ads they were displaying on my sites, but not a lot.

When I made the move from AdSense to Ezoic, my ad revenue immediately doubled, and over the coming months, it moved towards tripling when I control for increasing traffic.

I believe that it increased so dramatically because they served more ads than AdSense was serving. However, they did so in such a way that it didn’t greatly impact user experience.

Ezoic also gives me the ability to limit the number of ads to be displayed on all my articles or to just limit or turn off ads on specific pages or blog posts.

I also want to mention that while you can signup for Ezoic for free, they also offer a paid subscription called Ezoic Premium. I signed up for Premium a few months after I started using Ezoic.

With Ezoic Premium, I immediately saw an increase in ad revenue, but it also opened up additional services that go above and beyond just serving ads on my sites. I’ll talk about some of those services in a bit.

The screenshot above shows the revenue growth from my largest website. Not bad, huh?

Ezoic Saves Me Time

Before coming to Ezoic, I was manually placing ads in my articles because I wasn’t happy with the auto-placement I was getting. This added at least 20 minutes of work to each article I published on my websites.

When I turned on Ezoic they scanned my website and put ad placeholders on my pages which automatically set the locations that ads can be displayed With that, I had ads on every page of my website in less than an hour!

But, I didn’t have to keep all of those automatic place-holders. Ezoic gave me a tool to see the place-holders and to modify those place-holders. I can do so site-wide or just in specific pages or posts.

Ezoic Leap Website Speed Booster

Ezoic Optimizes My Website Speed

In fairness, I have to first tell you that displaying ads on your website will slow down the site, and it doesn’t matter what service you use. When I Ezoic started serving more ads on my website, it did slow down my website.

However, in early 2021 Ezoic launched a service called LEAP which is part of my premium account. and it significantly improved the speed of my site. My websites are nearly as fast now as they were before I added ads to them.

And Leap is more than just caching. It does lots of techno-magic that I don’t understand, but I love that it scans my sites and tells me what is on my site that’s slowing it down. Not only do they tell me what the problems are, they give me suggestions on how to fix those problems or replace those plugins with a faster alternative.

They even share data from other Ezoic users’ speed results so we can learn from each other.

I love this benefit of Ezoic.

Ezoic Helps Me Understand My Data

As part of Ezoic Premium, I get access to what they call Big Data and it has tons of information about my website and my audience.

It’s similar to Google Analytics but is focused on my ad revenue and how to improve it.

I can see what pages are making the most money total, and the most money per 1,000 visitors. I can also see pages that aren’t making money so I can go improve those pages.

Knowledge is power, and Ezoic gives me more knowledge about my websites.

Ezoic Provides Me Experts

As a member of Ezoic’s Premium service, they have been kind enough to provide me with a Publisher Success Manager. Mine is Rebecca and she’s not only knowledgeable but real nice.

Whenever I have questions about Ezoic or just about my site, I can drop Rebecca a quick note and if she can’t answer my question, she’ll reach out to subject experts at Ezoic to get me the expertise to help me succeed.

That’s pretty cool

Should You Try Ezoic?

Sure you should! You can signup on Ezoic for free and take it for a test spin. If you find out that it’s going to increase your ad revenue like it did mine, then you’re going to want to try their Premium plan.

I started with the monthly plan so I could give it a test drive, but after the first month, I moved to the annual plan because the added features just made my website stronger and helped them grow faster.

And in time, you’re going to want to signup for their affiliate program, as I did. When you signup for Ezoic using my link, I get a commission at no additional cost to you. Pretty cool huh?

So, if you found this article helpful, please consider using my link below and give me a little love.



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