Are You Business Ready? The self-employed checklist.

Angela and I have helped dozens of people start small businesses; most of those are food-based businesses like our prepared meal delivery business but we’ve also helped entrepreneurs with other business ideas.

For those who have failed, the common thread is that the individual simply wasn’t ready to be self-employed. They didn’t have the basic skills and knowledge they needed to be successful.

In most cases, it wasn’t that they didn’t have any skills and knowledge, instead, they just had one or two big deficiencies (or, as the saying goes, “areas of opportunity”) that doomed them to fail because they were personally not business ready.

Are you ready to start your own business? – Photo Credit – BigstockPhoto

Are You Business Ready?

In the Business-Ready Self Audit, I’m going to guide you through a broad, yet simple process of self-evaluation to help you know if you are Business Ready.

Being business-ready means that you have the basic skills and business knowledge to be able to start a home-based business with a legitimate shot at success if you prepare correctly, plan completely, and bust your butt hustling to launch and grow your new business.

If you decide that you are not yet business-ready (probably because of one or two opportunities for improvement), then I’m going to help you identify those opportunities and some tools to grow your skills and knowledge so when the time comes to start your business you are more ready for success…and better insulated from the failure.

In this Business-Ready Self-Audit, you’ll walk through two self-audits where you honestly access your readiness. The first section is a Personal Skill Audit, and the second is a Personal Business Knowledge Audit. 

Both audits have been created in easy and free to use Google Forms. Each form has just eight questions and they are all multiple choice. There’s no score or grade, but when you’re done you are going to receive feedback on each question.

That feedback is going to help you understand why I asked that question, and most will point you to some free or paid resources that you can access to make yourself more businesses ready in that area.

This is designed to be a short self-audit, and I designed it as if you and I were sitting down together for the first time over a cup of coffee because you wanted to talk about starting your own business.

If you power through the questions you’ll be done in about 30 minutes. If you are more introspective, each section will take longer but the insights you gain will be more honest, and therefore more useful, as you move forward starting your first business.


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