Stacey’s Bookshelf – Business Books For Home-Based Businesses

These are the books that have moved-the-needle for me. In other words, these are the books that changed the direction of my businesses or my life. This list is not going to include every book I’ve read, just the important ones.

If it’s on this list, you should read it.

I recommend these books for anyone who is self-employed or dreams of being self-employed.

If you enjoy reading, then go for it. If your time is limited, listen to these books on Audible as I do.

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P.S. This list of recommended business books includes Amazon affiliate links meaning that I make a few bucks each time you purchase one of these books through the links on this page.

1. Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller

This book helped me clarify my businesses’ stories so that my customers not only knew what problem we could solve, but how we would do it, and most importantly helping my customers understand that they are the hero of the story I’m telling and that my job is to be their guide.

This book is a game changer in your marketing messages. Every business owner should read/listen to this book and work through the provided worksheets.

I do mean ‘every business owner’ should read this book.

If you run a mom & pop cafe or a Fortune 500 Company, you need to read this book.

2. Marketing Made Simple By Donald Miller & Dr. J.J. Peterson

The second recommended business book is from the same guy who wrote the first one, Donald Miller.

There’s nothing ground breaking in this book, instead it takes the marketing know-how found in nearly any marketing book and breaks it down into easy and actionable steps.

The book includes worksheets and will help you with your message and well as designing your website and other marketing materials.

This book is for any business person who isn’t a marketing guru but is still responsible for their business or oversees the people who are in charge of that marketing.

This book is ideal for small local businesses.

3. The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Honestly, I’m not a fan of the title of this book as it’s more than a little sensational. I also think it over promises.

Yet will that said, it did change the direction of my work life and made me rethink how I think about work itself. You see, I’m one of those people who have always taken pride in outworking everyone around me. I work harder and smarter than most people I’ve worked with.

However, after reading this book, I had to re-evaluate if I was really working smarter and in time this book did help me work smarter and work less hours (but no where near a four hour workweek).

Even if you think being a millionaire with a four hour workweek is bunk, you should read this book and find the truths that serve your work life.

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This book isn’t so much a business book as a finance book…a personal finance book. This book changed the way I thought about getting rich and living rich.

It changed my future and that of my children. I’ve given dozens of copies of this book to my friends and business team members. Everyone should read this book, not just business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Your Essential Bookshelf?

So I’ve shared my essential business bookshelf. Like I said before these are the books that influenced the direction of my business or even my life.

Do you have similar books on your bookshelf? If so, please take a minute to reply to one of my emails with your book suggestions. I’m always looking for the next book to listen to while I’m out on deliveries for our prepared meal delivery business.

Who knows, your suggestion might change the direction of my life.