Recommended Kitchen Tools

These are kitchen tools that we use nearly every day of the week. The right tool makes any job easier, and if your job is food then you need good kitchen tools.

Recommended Chef Knife

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If you are dicing and chopping all day as we do in our home commercial kitchen, a good chef knife is the difference between a great day and an achy hand and wrist.

In full disclosure, Angela and I disagree on the style of knife that we prefer. She likes a traditional chef knife with the curved blade. I prefer a straighter blade of a Santaku Knife.

I don’t like her choice because it makes my wrist tired, and she has the same problem with my choice. It’s a personal thing.

We’ve owned and worn out $200 German knives, and we loved them…but not for $200. You can spend over seven thousand dollars for a chef knife on Amazon { You know you want to see thisOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.on Amazon >>> }Opens in a new tab., but I got no idea why you’d do that.

The knives that we recommend are affordable and gorgeous. This set of knivesOpens in a new tab. also comes with one of each knife from Team Angela and Team Stacey.

Your friend and clients will be impressed when they see you dicing and chopping with these knives.

After you decide if you are Team Angela or Team Stacey, then instead of buying the set, you can just buy the knife that works for you.